Welcome you to be the participant of the 2nd ITCN
Thank you for applying the Travel Grant

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Before you start the application, please read the following instructions

  • The Second International Taiwanese Congress of Neurology and 2017 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Neurological Society offers Travel Grants.
  • Attending physicians, neurology residents, medical students, and non-physician healthy professionals are encouraged to apply for Travel Grants
  • The Taiwan Neurological Society offers 30 travel grants to international and overseas poster presenters in partial support of attending 2nd ITCN and 2017AMTNS.
  • Deadline of application for Travel Grants will be March 17, 2017
  • If Travel Grant is awarded, the registration fee will be waived, the Gala Dinner fare will be covered, and each applicant will gain USD 600.
  • Applicants must submit at least one abstract of poster presentation session during 2nd ITCN and some sessions of 2017AMTNS, that they are the first author.
  • Application procedure
    1. Applications are accepted only through the online abstract submission.
    2. Please download the Application Form at here. After online submitting the application form, the E-mail and Password you entered will be activated.Each will be your 2017ITCN Account and Password, respectively. You will also receive one e-mail from Secretariat for confirmation .
    3. Please use this Account number and Password to login our website again http://www.2017ITCN.com.tw for completing your abstract online submission.
    4. The qualified applicants will be notified via e-mail before April 2, 2017
    5. It is compulsory to e-mail to Secretariat of 2017ITCN the follow document at 2017ITCN@gmail.com:
      A copy of your passport/ID (details/photograph page)
  • Please do not hesitate and feel free to email the Congress Secretariat at 2017ITCN@gmail.com or acta@mail.hato.com.tw for further information or requirement